Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lilac Love

I was born and raised in Arizona, in the desert, where a shrub is often considered a tree, and the total rainfall seen in a year's time is maybe a couple inches...for the entire year! So, moving to luscious, green, rainy Washington has been a complete night and day transformation to what I am used to on a day to day basis, and I am LOVING it! I must admit, I miss the vibrant Arizona sunsets and laying out in the sun trying to see how tan I can get every summer, but who could possibly ask for more, when surrounded by all these lilac bushes. It's like they grow wild here. I've been driving around the Air Force Base (where we now live), trying to find lilacs that do not seem to be already claimed in one way or another, they're not in someone's yard or in a very public place where just anyone driving by could see me, JUMP out of my car, run over to the bush with a pair of scissors and snatch up as many as my arms can hold, and rush back to the car before being seen as some crazy person who has never seen a lilac bush before in their entire life. Funny thing is, I have seen lilacs before. My parents had a bush growing in their back yard, that on some years would be abundant with bright, beautiful, amazing smelling lilacs. Since I was a child, my favorite scent has always been that of a lilac, and now my nose is in heaven as I walk through my house that is full of fresh {stolen} lilacs. I had fun doing a photo shoot with them in my light box. Enjoy!
Lustrous Lilacs
Lilac Blossom
Lilac Love


  1. WOW I love the "reactions!" Is that a widget? And, you are hilarious, you crazy lilac stealer!

  2. *also- it's funny to me that you consider Spokane to be green & lush- because after being raised in the Seattle area it feels deserty to me!

  3. Go into your blog layout, page elements, in 'blog posts' box click "edit", check "reactions" box, then you can edit what the reactions are, cool huh?

  4. so lovely!! I like the 5th one down best :)